Storage unit Capo d'opera Venezia collection Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt


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Mod. Venezia

design Manuela Pelizzon e Silvano Pierdona


Corto Maltese. Just the name and here before our eyes a series of incredible,

mysterious and intriguing adventure born out by the creative pen of Hugo Pratt.

If we want our passion for short leave the pages of comic books and come to invade even

the room in which we live, we are now free to do so. There is solace in the fact furniture

collection of Capo d'Opera, designers Manuela Pelizzon e Silvano Pierdona

Cabinet with base in steel varnished

Cabinet with 3 doors incised (2 + 1 a packet slide door)

n.01 shelf W 33 cm

n.05 incised drawers W 41 cm

n.02 lacquered shelves

Dimensions: W 114 x D 48 x h 140 cm

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