Wardrobe Casamania Valises design Maarten De Ceulaer


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Mod. Valises

design Maarten De Ceulaer


A modular system rich in poetry. Valises combines to form a complete wardrobe system

created to safeguard garments, shoes and accessories in style. The various suitcase'

modules are covered in recycled leather. Valises is a nod to the elegance of by-gone eras

with a modern and fun twist. The design evokes the luxurious atmosphere of stylish leather

suitcases. The wardrobe is an assemblage of six modules, each specifically designed to

accommodate a type of garment. A puzzle that provides a place to store your most beautiful

suits or dresses, your most precious shoes, your loveliest hats, The design wanted to design

a dynamic and flexible storage system, the opposite of those big and heavy wardrobes, which

are difficult to transport.

Material: steel profiles keep the pile - recycled leather on timber ply - on wheels

Dimensions: W 118 x D 70 x h 210 cm

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