Bottle holders / Champagne bucket Design of Love Pot of Love design Graziano Moro e Renato Pigatti


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Mod. Pot of Love

design Graziano Moro e Renato Pigatti


The Pot of Love champagne buckets are just as whimsical and cheerful as the Queen of Love

Armchairs! Versatile in function, the Pot of Love can be used as it’s intended or as a planter. In

fact, the Pot of Love is about the size of a Fichus tree planter. So, does that mean if you plant

an empty champagne bottle, you get a bubbly bush? Love it, hug it and experiment with your

own boozy green thumb. A versatile piece, the Pot of Love will survive equally well indoors

and outdoors.

Material: recyclable linear polyethylene

Available in different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, celestial, blue, pink, purple,

gray, black or white.

Dimensions: outside diameter 34 cm (inside diameter 24 cm) x h 33 cm

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