Sideboard Riva 1920 Rialto Briccola Lowboard design Giuliano Cappelletti


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Mod. Rialto Lowboard

design Giuliano Cappelletti


Thank you, Maurizio and Davide. With their initiative they gave us a chance to create common

use items out of salvaged materials such as the venetian posts, briccole; significant

reminders, unique and one-off works. Simplicity of forms and natural materials are peculiar

elements of design, they are based on the deep relationship between nature and man, on its

balance and harmony. For this reasons I decided to use two natural, though very different,

materials that perfectly marry in the search for the ideal balance: briccole wood and cor-ten

steel. Briccole are subject to many alterations throughout their lifetime in the water, they are

shap ed, worn out and smoothly caressed by the sea of the Venetian lagoon and by its

inhabitants that leave behind visible traces of their presence.  On the other hand, the cor-ten

protects itself from atmospheric corrosion thanks to a superficial passive coat that prevents

further damage. This is where RIALTO stems from, a container that, thanks to its structure that

is thin yet strong, realized in cor-ten, preserves and frames the beauty of briccole’s “fragility”.

Briccole, the unchallenged protagonists of Venice,  are here shaped and transformed, giving

birth to the solid drawers of the container.

Dimensions W 200 x D 50 x h 60 cm

The price refers to version with structure in walnut or oak and front in briccola (not oiled)

Delivery time 30 days

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