Table Riva 1920 Bedrock Plank C design Terry Dwan


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Mod. Bedrock Plank C
design Terry Dwan

The top, made of solid wood, featuring 5 cm-thick natural sides, perfectly marries the raw-iron base that is hand-shaped and soldered.  top with straight sides. The tops of tables requested “with knots” are treated with a special black-coloured wax that is heated and once liquefied, it is poured onto the knot. Time is allowed for the wax to cool down at room temperature. Once it solidifies, it thoroughly covers up the wood knot. It is possible to encounter wax “crystallization” effects or colour variations over the table top. This is a normal consequence of the waxing process and the spots can be faded through the use of a steel wool provided with the maintenance kit. Also the number of knots and their dimensions over the table top can not be a reason for complaints, since they represent a natural feature of true solid wood “with knots”, finished with natural oils or waxes. The top of the BEDROCK table is extracted from solid sections of tree trunks. Any cracks or splits in the table legs, before or after sale, are absolutely normal, being typical features of solid wood that, as it ages and becomes seasoned, moves according to the different conditions of the setting and humidity of the air. The top of the BEDROCK table is usually made of two boards with natural outer sides. In lack of two boards of the same length and width when the order is placed (or in case the table is requested with a width over 90/100 cm), the top can be made of four solid wood boards, glued together. Table base made of iron plate, natural colour, finished with oil (standard version). 

Material: Top in oak with knots oil or walnut with knots oil - Bade of iron plate, natural colour.
Dimensions: W 220/240/260/280/300 x D 90/100 x h 76 cm

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